Ways in Which Tea Can be Beneficial to the Body

Regions such as East Africa, Japan, Russia, China, and India are the leading producers of tea. There are various varieties of tea that are grown in these areas such as white tea, green tea, and black tea. Each type is produced from one plant meaning that for example, green tea has its plant and so on. Different flavors of tea depend on the climate, soil and altitude of the area it is grown, the process followed while manufacturing and how long oxidization is done. The levels of caffeine in your tea can be influenced by the temperature you use to brew, the amount of time you use to brew and the grade and type of tea. Caffeine can be reduced in tea by adding water. Tea is best enjoyed as a beverage through adding to hot water.

Tea is used as an antioxidant. The level of antioxidants is determined by the period of fermenting. For you to get the best health benefits, tea should be brewed for not more than five minutes. Drinking tea reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke because of availability of antioxidants which reduce stress and amount of cholesterol in the body. Antioxidants also assist in blood circulation in the body. When you take around three cups of tea per day, you reduce the risk of getting a heart attack by eleven percent. Tea enhances the healthy growth of cells in the body and assists natural death of the cells, reduces the possibility of cancers such as skin, ovarian, colon, pancreatic and lung cancer. Tea has oral health benefits through polyphenols that minimise plaque and staining of teeth and increase of bacteria thus reducing bad breath. Antioxidants found in tea help to prevent over absorption and accumulation of iron in the body. Intake of best tea in the world on a daily basis reduces the risk of one getting kidney stones.

Obesity can be reduced by ensuring that you take tea as many times as possible. Taking tea helps fat in the body to be broken down and reduce your appetite for food. Tea also increases heat in the body, reduce weight and assist in the ability to do physical exercises. Daily drinking of tea helps with anti-aging effects. It provides prevention and reduction of arthritis, a sober and calm state of the brain, minimises levels of stress and increase of ability to fight diseases. Effects of taking tea with  gourmet foods are best felt by the body and cannot be measured. 

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